Thursday, 22 March 2012

Fast Forward to Spring

So it's been a while. A long while. Something like 9 or 10 months which is not quite long enough to gestate a baby elephant but long enough for people to think I'd dropped off the face of the earth.  Just in case one of you is still out there, here's the 1 minute low-down-catch-up:

- Acting: Nil

- Writing: I appear to have sublimated my acting creativity into writing stories. I've got 3 screenplays  and 1 novels in progress. Oh yes! What about?  In no specific order crime, ghosts, hearing problems, models, global conspiracy theories, murderous siblings and coma...

- Old Work: finished last Friday. I'm now on gardening leave (which for those of you who don't know means you don't go into the office but they still pay your salary!)

- New Work: starting in a few weeks' time. Another large UK broadcaster (hence the gardening leave), much closer to home. VERY exciting (the job itself, not just the absence of a commute). Let me put it this way: there's an outside chance that I could possibly become the next Simon Cowell and excert dominance over the world's (and your) TV screens and mobiles and tablets for the next decade.

- Physical appearance: a pound or two heavier due to lack of exercise (see long commute) and general winter weariness (can't blame it all on the commute) - but I still fit in my clothes. (A girl's gotta eat but maybe not quite so much...)

- Hair: short. My four pet strands of grey hair are gone since this morning as I dyed them with Feria. Feria is lovely, it doesn't give you the one block of colour look of regular home dyes, it looks natural (except to those who know me well obviously who will note that my hair is now a shade redder even though the box said "chocolate brown".)

- Nails: tidy since this morning thanks to a home mani/pedi(cure) which kept me occupied during the half-hour it took for the hair dye to activate. Toe nails are now sporting gold nail varnish.

- Mood: it's Spring! The days are longer, I've got time off, the temperature is warming up.

- General outlook: full of promise like those new shoots just waiting to burst out of their buds on all the trees around London.

So, here I am, back with the Swallows and raring to make the most of my time off before I start on my Simon Cowell metamorphosis!

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  1. Hello Isabelle! It is good to read you again. Congrats for the new jobs! Happy for you that things are going so well...